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Vitamin E and Selenium

Vitamin E and Selenium

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Product description

Vitamin E and Selenium are two powerful anti-oxidants that help performance in hard working horses and also provide supplematation of these ingredients in horses who are defiecient
for whatever reason.

Selenium is an essential ingredient in a horse’s metabolism. Selenium helps produce antibodies and therefore helps with the immune system. The selenium used in out Vit & Selenium supplement is in the advanced form of sodium selenomethionine which is far more digestible than ordinary selenium and making Vit & Selenium a far higher spec product than most Vit E & Selenium supplements.

Vit E helps prevent muscle damage during exercise and also helps deliver oxygen to the lungs.

Vit E & Selenium supplement also includes Lysine which is an essential amino acid, Lysine helps growth and development and muscle mass and is often lacking in the average equine diet.

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