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DMG 4000

DMG 4000

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Product description

DMG (Dimethylglycine) has been used by athletes for a number of decades now and has been proven to help with stamina.

DMG is used by many yards where high levels of performance are required. Racehorses trainers have long been aware of the benefits of using DMG and it is also commonly used with eventers and endurance horses.

In trials of racehorses in the USA using a DMG supplement it was found that following supplemenatation in training that the horses had better appetitites, attitudes and they also recovered faster from their races and training. *

DMG 4000 is pure DMG blended with glucose to help with energy resulting in a well balanced stamina supplement for use in every day training and competition of racehorses, eventers, showjumpers, endurance horses etc.

Nutritional information


DMG 4000mg per 2000g


* Effect of a Nutritional Supplement Containing N,N-Dimethylglycine (DMG) on the Racing Standardbred. Steven B. Levine, DVM, Grant D. Myhre, DVM, Guy L. Smith, DVM, James G. Burns, DVM.

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