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Pure Distilled MSM

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Pure Distilled MSM description

MSM is a natural source of bio-available sulphur found in all animals and some plants. It is an important component of connective tissue playing a particularly important role in hooves, bones, joints and skin.

Equine Answers pure MSM is human food grade MSM that has been distilled to ensure maximum purity (99.9% pure). The distillation process seperates the pure MSM from impurities and is considered a much more reliable process for producing pure MSM than a crystalisation process. Always check that any MSM you buy is pure distilled MSM.

The benefits of supplementing MSM are numerous and many horse owners have found it not only helps keep horses healthy as a daily supplement but it can also help aid recovery from a number of ailments. 

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NAF Pure MSM 1Kg    £58.75

VetVits Equi-MSM 1.2Kg    £29.90

Pro-Sportive Pure MSM 1Kg  £35

Equine Answers Pure Distilled MSM  1Kg      £23.95  (cheapest UK price!!)

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