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Premium Horse Supplements

Equine Answers are experts in equine nutrition. Our nutritional horse supplements are produced in association with leading vets and nutritionists to provide the best possible answer for your horse.

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Joint supplements for horses
Equine Supplements

Joint Supplements for Horses

If you are searching for the best joint supplements for horses click here to see our equine joint supplement range. Our Premier Flex range of equine joint supplements are very high spec and can make a huge difference to horses with stiff joints.

Equine Supplements

Feed Balancers

Keep your horse in peak condition with 365 Complete - a unique formulation feed balancer for horses with a specification unsurpassed in the horse supplements market.

Equine Supplements

Horse Calming

Much stronger than other tack shop brands - our revolutionary new calming formulation is a very high spec product that we believe is the very best in calmers for horses.

Why do people choose Equine Answers?

"As the founder of Equine Answers I am writing to you here as a horse owner and as such I know how we all care about looking after our horses in the best possible way.

To this end you can rest assured that all of our horse supplements and feeding products contain the very best ingredients to optimise their effectiveness."

Andy Bell, Equine Answers founder.

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