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Calma is our latest product and takes horse calmers to the next level. Equine Answers Calma uses a unique formulation of neutraceuticals and special calming herbs to provide what we believe to be best and most effective horse calmer on the market. 

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Calma is our latest product and takes horse calmers to the next level.

Equine Answers Calma uses a unique formulation of neutraceuticals and special calming herbs to provide what we believe to be best and most effective horse calmer on the market. 

It has long been recognised that supplementing magnesium to a horse's diet can have a marked effect on temperament. It is thought that "fizziness" from spring grass is actually a lack of magnesium in the rapidly growing grass. Many equine calming products use basic cheap forms of magnesium in calcined magnesite (quarried magnesium) and magnesium oxide and some even use Epsom Salts (magnesium sulphate). These forms of magnesium are very cheap and are not well absorbed by the horse and makes its use less effective. In formulating Calma we have used the very best forms of absorbable magnesium in Magnesium Aspartate and Magnesium AAC. We found that combining these two high quality forms of magnesium with potent calming herbs gave us the ultimate formulation making it the best calmer for horses. Beware, cheaper magnesium calmers do not work as effectively as Equine Answers Calma!!

How does Calma work?

  • Rapid calming effect
  • Unique secret new formulation using the two latest forms of high quality magnesium and calming herbs 
  • Does not contain any ingredients from the banned substances list of the FEI or Jockey Club 

It is important to understand the various types of magnesium that are used in equine calmers because they differ enormously in price and quality and therefore their effectiveness.

 Product Type of Magnesium Used
NAF Magic Magnesium Oxide, cheap and not well absorbed
Top Spec Calmer Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salts) v cheap, poor absorption
Equine Answers CALMA Magnesium Aspartate & Magnesium AAC - both expensive but well absorbed, very effective!

Using only high quality ingredients makes Calma an expensive product to make but we have a policy of only producing high specification products at Equine Answers and Calma is no exception. This really is the Rolls Royce of calmers for horses using only the best possible ingredients to produce an amazingly effective horse calmer.

A 1kg tub will last 40 days

Your Questions Answered
Do horse supplements work?

Yes they do - just ask our happy customers!  Our horse supplements are produced in association with leading vets and nutritionists to provide the best possible answer for your horse.

Customer comments
Why our customers return again and again
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As promised, I am now coming back to you. My horse has now been given Calma powder since 3 weeks and we start to see the difference. As I had explained you before, he was very scared about the other horses he was crossing in the arena when he was working. As he has a big propulsion (Hannoveraner 5 years old), everytime my daughter was falling off! Now he is not as scared as before, he is very relaxed when working with 2-3 horses. Of course, he is working with quiet horses for the moment but yesterday for the first time we have incorporated an "excited" horse, and he didn't move at all !!!!! Even on the day to day grooming, we can see the difference. I have just placed a new order of Calma tub. Many thanks for the good advice you always provide! Best regards, Sylvie (from France)
- Sylvia Cormines
Just an email to say thanks for your advice on the Calma. This product has really helped my over exuberant TB become a delight to ride, so much so that I am entering her into her first dressage test this month! Lets hope it continues to keep her calm. Many thanks
- Kate Shaw
Would just like to thank you for creating this has made an excitable ex-racehorse an angel to own!
- Faye Griffiths
I brought my horse to England at the end of August and his behaviour became very erratic and "spooky". I naturally thought he had to have time to settle and persevered with the schooling which was not too bad, however the hacking out in a busier environment was decidedly dangerous ..... His antics in the stable were also quite unnerving and he trashed any rug I put on him ..... I thought I had really bought the wrong horse but not now! After only three days on the Calma he reverted to the horse I originally fell in love with, yes he still has the occasional spook but it does not escalate, he is calm in the stable, and only two weeks into Calma I can hack him out albeit in company and he does not think there is a gremlin behind every bush,tree, car, pedestrian etc etc I have just ordered my second kilo which will hopefully see me through our first dressage test together.
- Sue Scanlan
I wanted to thank you for your Calma product. I purchased a tub of this about a month ago as my 20 yr old cob was becoming increasingly more restless during showing this season. She frequently staled and could not stand still in the line up or for the judge. Our showing has once again become pleasurable and my horse can stand still quietly while others strut their stuff. The Calma has also resulted in a less spooky ride but still with enthusiasm. It has not affected her energy levels as other products have in the past and if anything she now concentrates fully on the job in hand. I have just ordered some joint support from you and look forward to reporting back to you on our progress.
- Ginnie Jones
Just wanted to say a huge thank you for Calma. In over 20yrs of breeding and breaking my own hunters we never produced a Fred. From rearing and charging at me on the lunge at 3yrs until now at age 7, I gave up at the end of each summer to nurse my wounds ready for the start of the season. Refusing to sell a horse that was dangerous he was not far away from being hound food. Having tried 2 other brands of calmer previously with no effect I did some internet research before buying yours. WOW!!! What a transformation. In August he boiled at the least excuse and buried me on rock hard stubble. Last chance, into his food went the Calma . . I am completely stunned by the change in him and my daughter who has been nagging me for 3 yrs to get rid of him before he "kills you" now loves him. I am now telling anyone with a nutty nag to try this product and certainly one friend who knows Fred (and also said get rid) is so impressed with my now star person that she is going to try it on hers. Fred was a scarily bad horse, his sires foals now have a reputation and I know of 2 that have been shot as unrideable. Thank you does not touch what I feel for you saving Fred from being number 3. Will keep you informed of his progress. Again, many many thanks.
- Carol and Fred
Hi Andy, it's Nicky who wrote to you before regarding moving from Magic to Calma. Well the news is good!! Finn does seem calmer in many ways so I am sure it is working well. All the traumas that used to be such a big deal dont seem half so bad to him now. He seems quieter in the field and just generally all over. I have been riding him more but think that the Calma has changed his whole persona...
- Nicky Holland
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I have an incredibly talented, homebred dressage, 5 year old mare out of Moorlands Totllas and Sandro Hit. Having had my mare on Calma throughout the year I decided to experiment and see what would happen if I took her off the supplement. Hooray!!!!!! I am still alive and remained in the saddle after 45 minutes of complete explosions. I won't be taking her off Calma ever again. I am now going to introduce Calma to my advanced medium horses for travelling and competition nerves. I totally rate this product and all other supplements that I purchase from this company. Jules

I started my sports horse mare on this two years ago when she was becoming a nightmare to handle, she would try to nap and when due into season could be so moody it was dangerous. My confidence was already at rock bottom and it was a last chance saloon before I quit and gave up. I've had absolutely no issues in those two years I've had her on Calma including a couple of short solo rides and handling her everyday was becoming a dream, I then decided (stupidly) to try her on something else and just 6 weeks later she is back to trying to bite us, and on Tuesday when tacked up she was full height rearing and trying to go for our foot soldier, I haven't been able to ride or even do much in the way of handling again. Needless to say I popped in yesterday to pick up another tub of calma and I will NEVER try anything else or take her off it EVER again. The difference in this mare when she's on Calma is amazing and I highly recommend anyone with a cranky mare to give it a go.

This is the best! I stupidly tried a cheaper brand. I was soon back on the Equine Answers Calma.

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