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Equine Supplements

Our nutritional horse supplements are produced in association with leading vets and nutritionists to provide the best possible answer for your horse.

Premium Horse Supplements from the experts in equine nutrition.

There are many equine nutritional horse supplements on the market but our aim is not to produce standard products, but market leading products using only the best possible ingredients and the latest scientific research.

from £25.95 - 500g (60 days)

Premierflex HA is a very high specification equine joint supplement that has been formulated to include the very best ingredients that a horse owner can buy in a modern equine joint supplement.

from £28.50 - 500g (60 days)

PREMIER FLEX Plus is our highest spec equine joint supplement, it has been formulated to include the very best ingredients that a horse owner can buy in a modern equine joint supplement.

from £35.99 - 1Kg (up to 4 months)

Our popular all round joint supplement that includes high levels of Glucosamine, MSM and Omega 3 fatty acids. An excellent choice to help keep joints supple and flexible. Glucosamine works in synergy with MSM to help build new cartilage and assist in the production of synovial fluid (joint oil) to help lubricate the joints.

from £25.99 - 2Kg (50 days)

An advanced formulation that we believe to the best hoof supplement on the market. There is a well known saying in the horse world, "no foot, no horse” and this is undoubtedly true.

from £26.50 - 1Kg (33 day supply)

Bio-Guard is a high specification pro-biotic supplement that helps achieve the maximum correct conditions for the gut to operate.  The heart of a horse's good health lies in it's mineral balance and gut function.

from £26.95 - 2Kg

Electrolytes are help to preserve the correct balance of fluids in the horse’s cells and are involved in muscle function and the processing of wastes.

from £38.95 - 2Kg

Vitamin E and Selenium are two powerful anti-oxidants that help performance in hard working horses and also provide supplematation of these ingredients in horses who are defiecient for whatever reason.

from £31.95 - 1Kg (45 days)

MUD WARRIOR is a unique nutraceutical formulation including zinc and MSM (a natural form of bio-available sulphur) combined with natural herbs and spices.

£5.50 - 200g Tub

Mud Warrior Cream is a superb product that helps support skin that has been exposed to wet and muddy conditions. Containing zinc and having an anti-bacterial action it ideal for sore and cracked skin, allowing things to quickly clear . Use as a clear up and as a barrier cream.

from £13.95 - 500g

MSM is a natural source of bio-available sulphur found in all animals and some plants. It is an important component of connective tissue playing a particularly important role in hooves, bones, joints and skin.

from £15.50 - 250g (25 days supply)

Bute Substitute Powder is a powerful mixture of Devils Claw and MSM making it a potent supplement to add to the daily feed ration.

from £17.95 - 1 Litre (33 days)

BUTE SUBSTITUTE is a liquid tincture formulated using a high level of Devils Claw Extract (50% more Devils Claw than “No Bute”, the market leader).

£14.95 - 5 Litre Jerrycan

Apple Cider Vinegar has been used for decades by horse owners who swear by its properties. Our Apple Cider Vinegar is 100% natural ACV made from pure apple juice and given a slow fermentation to produce a full fruit flavour.

from £27.50 - 1Kg (50 days supply)

365 Complete Feed Balancer is Equine Answers revolutionary new feed balancer product combining all the nutrients and minerals your horse needs into one product.

from £31.50 - 1Kg (40 day supply)

Calma is our latest product and takes horse calmers to the next level. Equine Answers Calma uses a unique formulation of neutraceuticals and special calming herbs to provide what we believe to be best and most effective horse calmer on the market. 

Your Questions Answered
What supplements does my horse need?

Giving supplements to a horse can ensure they have the energy to compete at the top of their ability, or just to enjoy their lives.  Our nutritional horse supplements are produced in association with leading vets and nutritionists.

Are horse supplements necessary, or can horses get all the nutrients they need from their feed?

Supplements are a valuable tool for maintaining a horse's overall health and well-being, especially when used in combination with a well-balanced diet and regular veterinary care.

How do I know if my horse needs supplements?

If your horse is in heavy work, such as competing in show jumping or racing, they may require additional supplements to support their joints, muscles, or overall energy levels. Additionally, older horses or those with certain health conditions may benefit from targeted supplementation to support their immune system, digestion, or overall health.

Can horse supplements improve my horse's performance or overall health, and what benefits can I expect to see?

Horse supplements can potentially improve your horse's performance and overall health, but the specific benefits will depend on the type of supplement, your horse's individual needs, and their overall health status. Some of the potential benefits of horse supplements include:

  1. Improved Joint Health: Joint supplements containing glucosamine, chondroitin, or hyaluronic acid can help support joint health, reduce inflammation, and improve mobility.
  2. Digestive Health: Digestive supplements containing probiotics or digestive enzymes can help maintain a healthy gut microbiome, promote nutrient absorption, and reduce the risk of colic and other digestive issues.
  3. Coat and Hoof Health: Supplements containing biotin or omega-3 fatty acids can improve coat and hoof health, making your horse's coat shinier and their hooves stronger.
  4. Immune System Support: Supplements containing antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals can help support your horse's immune system and reduce the risk of infections and diseases.
  5. Energy and Endurance: Supplements containing amino acids, electrolytes, or energy boosters can help improve your horse's energy and endurance, making them perform better during training or competition.

It's important to note that not all supplements are created equal, and it's important to choose high-quality products that are specifically designed for horses and have been tested for safety and efficacy.

Do horse supplements work?

Yes they do - just ask our happy customers!  Our horse supplements are produced in association with leading vets and nutritionists to provide the best possible answer for your horse.

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