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Bio-Guard (pro-biotic)

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Bio-Guard (pro-biotic) description

Bio-Guard is a high specification pro-biotic supplement that helps achieve the maximum correct conditions for the gut to operate.  The heart of a horse's good health lies in it's mineral balance and gut function. Bio-Guard not only contains all the vitamins and minerals your horse requires but also the important pro-biotics Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium plus a live yeast.

This combination helps provide the ideal environment in the horse's gut to help utilise it's daily feed and help create the correct balance of bacteria to allow the digestive system to work properly.

Nutritional information for Bio-Guard (pro-biotic)

BIO-GUARD helps:

  • Keep the digestive system in balance.
  • Helps against stress caused by travel, competition, racing, illness, moving home etc.
  • The probiotic microflora also produce naturally occurring acids, which help to maintain the ideal environment to promote the growth of friendly bacteria, but one that is hostile to pathogenic bacteria.

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