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Independent Study of Premierflex HA

Equine Answers
Posted by Equine Answers
June 6, 2017

We have been kindly given a precis of an independent study undertaken at Bishop Burton College to test the effectiveness of Premier Flex HA equine joint supplement. See the results of the trial.

The trial was completely independent and was in no way sponsored or assisted by Equine Answers. In fact, Equine Answers did not even supply the Premier Flex HA free of charge as we did not want in any way to be seen to have any influence on the outcome of the trial.

We were approached by the head of the study to see if we wished our product to be the joint supplement on trial and we agreed, being prepared to stand or fall by the results of the trial. At all points Equine Answers were completely detached from the study, not knowing any details of the trial from supplying the product to receiving the final results.

The trial involved using Templo Motion Analysis (a gait analysis system) in walk and trot to measure if there was any significant difference in stride length after six weeks of supplementation with Premier Flex HA on the sample group of horses.

The results of the trial are as follows:

"This study has produced findings and results which highlight the benefits of the equine joint supplement Premier Flex HA by demonstrating a significant difference in the horses stride length during both walk and trot after receiving a six week course of the supplement"

"...good, accurate and useful results were produced. It is this which proves that Premier Flex HA worked on the sample... These results should now be taken into consideration when comparing future equine joint supplements.

"Premier Flex HA maybe a relatively unknown product in the equine industry, but the product has shown a significant increase in the horses stride length in the two most commonly used gaits. This therefore proves that Premier Flex HA worked on the horses used and further investigation into this product would allow more demonstration of the benefits provided by it and the ingredients used."


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As you can see the above study is independent, non biased evidence that Premier Flex HA is scientifically proven to work!

We have plenty in-stock for next day delivery so please order yours now. We also sell 1Kg tubs of Premier Flex HA directly to customers in Europe. 

These extracts are published with the permission of Bishop Burton College who hold the intellectual property rights to the study and associated data.

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