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Canine PREMIERflex plus

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5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars based on 17 Reviews

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Size: 300g (up to 100 days) - £27.95

Canine PREMIERflex plus description

PREMIER FLEX Plus is a very high spec canine joint supplement that has been formulated to include the very best ingredients that a dog owner can buy in a modern canine joint supplement.

  • Contains vital ingredients to produce a very high spec joint supplement for dogs
  • Includes super strength Glucosamine HCL, MSM, Chondroitin, Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and the powerful natural anti-inflammatory Devils Claw Extract
  • Supports the health of cartilage and synovial fluid (joint oil)
  • Easy to add to dog feed
  • Formulated for older dogs that are struggling after walks, getting into car, getting up stairs etc
  • Strongest canine joint supplement on the market

Not only does it include high levels of the essential ingredients super strength Glucosamine HCL (far stronger than standard glucosamine) and MSM we have also included the very expensive ingredients Chondroitin and Hyaluronic Acid (HA) which are the latest innovations in joint supplements and work in synergy with the above.

PREMIER FLEX Plus contains exactly the same levels of Glucosamine HCL, Chondroitin Sulphate, MSM and Hyaluronic acid (HA) as Canine Premier Flex HA but Canine Premier Flex Plus also contains high levels of Devils Claw Extract, a natural ingredient which supports the body's own natural anti-inflammatory response.

The best joint supplements for dogs work by helping cartilage composition and the production of synovial fluid over a continuous period of time. Most dog joint supplements do not contain high levels of Glucosamine, Chondroitin, HA and MSM PLUS a high level of Devils Claw. Premier Flex Plus is much stronger than the types of canine joint supplements that are available in shops and it is on a different level to herbal only products that are based on cold liver oil or green lipped mussel extract.

Compare Premier Flex Plus

Compare Premier Flex Plus to other leading joint supplements for dogs:-

PRODUCT High Levels of Glucosamine,
Chondroitin AND Hyaluronic Acid
cost per day
Canine Premier Flex Plus Yes 36p
Yumove No 65p
Synoquin No 45p
Cosequin No 43p

PREMIER FLEX Plus is fast acting and results are normally seen in a matter of days.

How Does Canine Premier Flex Plus Work?

Glucosamine HCL
Glucosamine is an amino sugar used to build tendons, ligaments, cartilage and synovial fluid (joint oil). It stimulates production of GAG’s (glucosaminoglycans) in synovial fluid to enhance lubrication. In addition to being a lubricant this fluid acts as a shock absorber cushioning the joint during exercise. Pain and stiffness occur when the fluid becomes thinner due to age, hard work or disease. After being consumed Glucosamine is absorbed through the wall of the intestine into the body. It is then attracted to the joint cells where it provides the raw material to build up synovial fluid. Premier Flex HA uses super strength Glucosamine HCL, the very best glucosamine (40% more glucosamine than standard glucosamine).

Hyaluronic Acid (HA)
Hyaluronic Acid is the latest advance in joint supplements. Hyaluronic acid (known as HA) is a component of synovial fluid whose function is to cushion and lubricate the joint. Combined with Glucosamine, Chrondroitin and MSM this group of nutraceuticals “..provides significant lubrication to the synovial membrane that is responsible for dissipating more than 50% of the friction within the joint” - J. Black, DVM, Senior Partner, Pioneer Equine Hospital, California. HA is very expensive and as such most companies do not include it in their joint supplement. Hyaluronic Acid is a very important ingredient in joint supplements, previously it would be injected into the joint but with a high spec joint such as Premier Flex Plus it can now be provided in oral form.

Chondroitin Sulphate
Most bones end in cartilage, a plastic like material which lines the joints preventing bones grating against each other. If this lining wears out the joint becomes stiff and uncomfortable. Chondroitin is chemically similar to glucosamine and is a constituent of cartilage. Chondroitin sulphate works in synergy with glucosamine and HA to help maintain cartilage composition.  Chondroitin is also very expensive and often left out of other products or added in only minute quantities.

MSM is a rich source of organic sulphur and crucial as a building block for joints, tendons, cartilage and ligaments. It is essential for all connective tissue and is often fed on its own in dogs and humans. Combining MSM with glucosamine, chondroitin and HA again has a synergistic effect and no high spec canine joint supplement should be without MSM.

Vit C and Vit E
Two powerful anti-oxidants that play a key role in neutralising free radicals thereby helping boost the immune system. Vitamin C also helps collagen production and joint problems can occur when there is a lack of collagen in the joints.

Devils Claw
Premier Flex Plus contains a high level of Devils Claw Extract which is a powerful ingredient that supports the body's anti-inflammatory response. Using an extract of devils claw ensures the correct level of harpagoside which is the active ingredient in Devils Claw. Harpagoside is so powerful it is now prohibited in British Horse racing as its effects have been comparable to normal pain killers. This high level of Devils Claw makes Canine Premier Flex Plus a very strong joint supplement for dogs and is not recommended for younger dogs that do not have diagnosed issues.


Nutritional information for Canine PREMIERflex plus

Levels of main ingredients per 4g measure:

Glucosamine HCL 1200mg
Chondroitin Sulphate 400mg
MSM 1200mg
Hyaluronic Acid (HA) 8mg
+ high levels of Devils Claw Extract

We manufacture and sell Canine Premier Flex Plus direct to the customer so we can produce a very high spec product at a cheaper price than inferior spec products available in canine retail outlets.

We also sell tubs of Canine Premier Flex Plus directly to customers in Europe. The extra cost in postage is £3.50 on the 300g tub. We currently supply to customers in every European country.

For orders outside Europe please email for delivery costs

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5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars

After my terrier started to get arthritis in her joints my vets advised me to put her on yumove, Bracken hated taking the large tablets and it made no difference, her joints health went downhill very quickly, she was sleeping all day, very sore when moving and I wondered if it was fair to keep her going. I saw your product after starting my horse on the equine version and thought it was worth a try. Firstly bracken loves the taste, we dampen it down with a bit of warm water and she can be a bit fussy! I have seen such an unbelievable difference in her, she is back pottering about all over the place, interacting with the other dogs and she seems bright and engaged again. I can not believe the difference in her and would highly recommend the Canine Premierflex Plus. A miracle powder!

5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars

I was recommended Canine Premier Flex Plus from a friend with a pony who is loving his 18 years now he's on the equine version. My dog is 13 and has an arthritic hip. Nothing I tried eased his limp and lethargy but three tubs later he's a different dog! He still has the occasional limp but he climbs the stairs and jump on the settee so he's a happy, waggy boy again and definitely not in pain. Thank you for this amazing product. Just ordered number 4!

5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars

I have used Equine Answers products on my ponies for a number of years, with great success, so when my 9 year old Boxer dogs started to slow down & feel their age I automatically turned to their canine range. They started on Canine Premier Flex Plus & after 10 days the change in them was amazing. They both ran much faster after the ball & began leaping into the air to catch it! Something they hadn't done for a couple of years. They are more agile & hopefully have a few more years left in them yet :0) I don't often write reviews but I highly recommend this & all Equine Answers products. Great price, top class ingredients & exceptional service. Win, Win!!!

5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars

In March 2020 our then 13 year old dog started to really suffer with his joints. We tried Yumove but it didn't really help. It got to the point where he was falling over on walks and was finding stairs difficult. Pain killers from the vets weren't helping too much. Fortunately at that time a post was put up about Canine Premier Flex Plus on the dog rescue owners group which I belong to and I thought I'd give it a go but to be honest I wasn't expecting alot. Well how very wrong was I. Such quick improvements and over a year later we're still using it. He is now 14 and obviously walks are on the slower side but we are still able to do our usual two walks a day and stairs aren't a problem for him. I'm just so pleased that I gave it a try and do and would highly recommend it.

5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars

Six months ago my nine year old Chesapeake/Springer cross gun dog was lame. He’d been on medication for years after an early arthritis diagnosis, and last November X-rays showed osteoarthritis in his toes too - hence the lameness. I tried YuMOVE, and CBD and stopped the prescribed meds. Didn’t significantly improve his condition. THEN I started him on Canine Premier Flex Plus and, within 3 to 4 weeks he was running, playing, hunting and generally enjoying life again. It’s transformed his quality of life and, for this, I thank you.

5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars

Our 16 year old Golden Retriever has been taking a vet-prescribed joint supplement for several years. I discovered PREMIER FLEX Plus when looking for a less expensive alternative. It is working better than the old one and the dog is very happy with its taste. We wet it with a little water to subdue the fine powder which sometimes caused her to sneeze. In summary, a great product which I highly recommend.

5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars

Absolutely amazing - after just 3 weeks. DEFINITELY 5 STARS ! This was recommended to me by Mark Bailey Bumps on AA Dog Rescue in the UK who used it for Maisie. I was quite sceptical about his enthusiasm, but I thought I'd give it a go as Yu-Move didnt seem to be having any effect. I was proved wrong ! Lua is a 12 year old GSD/Mastin Espagnol X with severe arthritis in her back legs. I have given her the "loaded dose" of 4.5 scoops per day for just 3 weeks and the differece is amazing. She was almost running yesterday!! Although she is blind, she knows where the dog flap is, but was finding difficulty getting in and out. I checked with my vet to ensure there were no contraindications as she has also been on ONSIOR 1 x day. Saw the vet this morning Monday 17th August and he was highly impressed with her movement. I think it's the "Devils Claw" high strength anti-inflammatory. I have used this myself for a frozen shoulder and Fibromyalgia and it is excellent. Just ordered another tub. Would laso like to say that the telephone service (from Spain) is excellent, as is delivery, just 5 days. Thank you very much. Lua is a much hapier dog, and hopefully still has a few years left. Mary Watson, Spain.

5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars

This was recomended by a friend on AA Dog Rescue in the UK, and I was sceptical. But I thougt I'd give it a go, and so changed from Yu-Move, where I hadn't seen much in the way of progress. Lua is a GSD/Mastin Espagnol X, big girl, and has arthritis in both back legs, also she is blind. After the first week, with the "loaded dose" I didn't see much of an improvement (as Mark Bailey Bumps with Maisie had said there would be), but, oh my word.....after 3 weks of the loaded dose (4.5 scoops per day) I can't believe the difference. She was almost running yesterday afternoon. I checked with my vet before giving it to her as she has been on ONSIOR 1 x day, to ensure there were no contraindications, and he was happy with it. I think it's the "Devils Claw" anti-inflammatory, which I have used myself for a frozen shoulder & fibromyalgia. I have ordered a second tub as the results has been extremely impressive. She is a much happier dog, she knows where the dog flap is, and can now get through it much more easily. Excellent product, excellent service - having to ring from Spain, and delivery within 5 days. Thoroughly receommend. 5 stars definitely. Mary Watson, Spain.

5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars

I very rarely post any reviews but I really can’t praise this Canine Premier Flex Plus enough. To say it has made a massive difference to my labrador is an understatement. He had to visit the emergency vet at the start of lockdown barely able to move. Vet put him on medication for arthritis they said he would need for the rest of his life. After research and recommendations on a canine arthritis social media group I ordered and received next day. Within days we could see a difference so much so we didn’t need to renew the medication. He certainly had his mojo back! We recommended to our neighbours labrador on high medication and she has been totally delighted with the improvement of her ‘ hopeless case’ I am a member of a lot of dog related social media groups and don’t hesitate to recommend this product at every opportunity. Pity there isn’t one for humans as my husband struggles to find anything that works!

5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars

Amazing supplement. I have used the equine supplement for many years now, which is also fabulous. My husky x Collie suffered a shoulder injury and was never just quite 100% after being on a long walk. Having her on the supplement she is much happier and not stiff the following day. Highly recommended supplement. She is 11 now and this supplement has helped keep her free moving and comfortable. Have recommended to many of my friends and relatives.

5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars

My 12 year old Labrador was beginning to show signs of stiff joints. I have been using Canine Premier Flex Pus for about 3 months and within a week I saw such a huge difference in him. He was no longer struggling to get out of bed, after a day on the Croft where he likes to spend his day in our stream digging, the following day he would be so so stiff and would have to have a day of rest the following day however since been on this he has been back to his young happy self. I highly rate it!! I tried yvmove and never saw any difference. I also rate the equine supplements. Great customer service from Andy Bell. Thank you for such a great supplement that works.

5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars

Words are not enough, I have video evidence of how much my dog has improved after just 3 weeks. From being on Previcox, needing help getting up most of the time, not being able to go out for walks at all for weeks at a time, she stumbled, limped & started to yelp just because she moved. Now bouncing along at 8mph, tail spinning she's so happy, NO previcox, NO yelping, NO stumbling & NO needing help. She still has moments of stiffness but a massage later she's up & running, 3 weeks is still early days but I'm shocked at how much this has helped my dog. I wasn't sure how she would be with a powder in her food, she can be fussy at times but she loves it. We've tried most well known products including CBD oil, the CBD was great but the benefits were short lived, once winter came it seemed to stop working, I can't recommend Premier Flex Plus enough.

5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars

Highly recommended! - my 13yr old dog was struggling to get onto the sofa & noticed she was walking funny etc & now I find her just like she was when she was half her age, she must find it palatable as she always knew when I had put supplements in her dinner she would turn her nose & walk away leaving her dinner now she eats it immediately & a bonus the tub lasts forever! Wouldn't use anything else now.

5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars

Although not showing signs of arthritis yet, I thought I would put my Shiba on this to hopefully delay any deterioration. There has been a big difference in her activity levels since starting it, so I can only assume that she is feeling the benefits! Will be keeping her on it from now on.

5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars

I have been using this on my 12yr old very arthritic Rottie for about 6/7 weeks now. I had previously been using Yumove which did help but a friend suggested the Premierflex Plus. I didn't think it would help but I am pleased to to say that it has. He couldn't be without his anti infammatory meds but this definitely has made a difference & he is definitely happier. I will continue to use it for as long as I have him.

5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars

This product has had an amazing effect on my 11 year old black Lab called Halo. He has arthritis in his hind legs and elbow displasia. He really struggled to stand and walk. He stands now and able to walk further. Importantly he is not being filled with vets products that do not work.

5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars

I have used a few different canine joint supplements but this one is absolutely amazing!! Our 13 yr old terrier x was really suffering and had trouble moving but literally a few days after using this the change in him is unbelievable..we have a mobile happy boy again. I will always use this and no other make. Thank you for making my old boy so happy and comfortable again ??

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