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Bute Substitute Liquid

Bute Substitute Liquid

BUTE SUBSTITUTE is a liquid tincture formulated using a high level of Devils Claw Extract (50% more Devils Claw than “No Bute”, the market leader).

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Why our customers swear by Bute Substitute Liquid

BUTE SUBSTITUTE is a liquid tincture formulated using a high level of Devils Claw Extract (50% more Devils Claw than “No Bute”, the market leader). Devils Claw has been used by the inhabitants of the Kalihari desert in Namibia for centuries and is now the herbal supplement of choice for many horse owners.

Horse owners are increasingly turning away from Bute because of the known side effects to the liver and digestive tract. Recent research in the USA highlighted these dangers. Click Here to view this article.

Bute Subsitute is the perfect supplement to use if you are looking for an alternative to Bute.


Please note Devils Claw (Harpagoside) is a now controlled substance with both the BHA and FEI, this means it must be withdrawn before competing. The BHA recommend a 48 hour withdrawal period before competition.

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Do horse supplements work?

Yes they do - just ask our happy customers!  Our horse supplements are produced in association with leading vets and nutritionists to provide the best possible answer for your horse.

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Why our customers return again and again
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Bute substitute is brilliant. Your customer comments are so true!
- Cath Gallimore
Many thanks for your e-mail and I'm sorry it's been such a hassle for you but I have almost run out of the Bute Substitute and Katie needs it morning and evening. I would just like to say how grateful I am to Equine Answers. We really didn't think Katie would make it through this winter and she wouldn't have had it not been for your products. I know that for sure .. she was really struggling last summer, to a point where we thought her time had come, but I found your products on the net and she is a different horse. She is 25 years old but is a very special horse, when I used to ride her out in the UK she would stop the traffic, literally, and when we stopped at the pub (just for a coffee) people would congregate around her, she is like a magnet, and I was forever stopping as people were just drawn to her.
- Jane Simmons, France.
I would just like to say that your Substitute Bute has been the best product so far for my old boy. He could hardly walk or get up until he started on this stuff!..... Having tried other products, this is the best, I highly recommend it for old stiff horses, particularly through the winter months. Thank you!!!
- Sue Russell
Fantastic, I was very sceptical about the Bute Substitute but it has worked wonders on my 36 yr old New Forest, he's has got a new lease of life and cantered to me the other night when it was time for him to come in - brought tears to my eyes to see him run again. Thank you so much.
- Deirdre Munn
Just thought I would comment on how good Bute Substitute is - I use it on my 30 year old miniature shetland.....within 2 weeks we could see a difference... I also use it on a 29 year old thoroughbred who although now no longer ridden tries to act like he is 4! (If you want to add this review feel free)
- Katrine Palmer-Smith
I was and still am extremely impressed with your Bute substitute & Premier Flex Supplements. The effects were immediate and other horse owners on the yard were so impressed that they have now started using it (Bute Substitute). The difference in Ben (my horse) is phenomenal. He is full of energy and has now taken to rolling in the field, a thing I have never seen him do before.
- Jimmy Geddes
It took about a week to notice any difference, then he turned into a 7 year old, we are back to riding out every other day and even jumped a couple of fences. I have recommended Bute Substitute to 2 friends who have 15 year olds with leg issues, they are now using it and noticing the difference, 'Fantastic product."
- Diane Stokes
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Customer reviews of Bute Substitute Liquid
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My mare has recently suffered with lameness, in fact twice in 3 weeks. However after being on the bute substitute, she is back to her normal self. GREAT PRODUCT, WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND....

My mare has been on this supplement for about 3 weeks and the change in the leg has been amazing. Within 5 days she was walking on it more soundly and 3 weeks in, only occasionally can you see a slight problem. She is also resting the leg less and less, today I counted to 10 and that's all the rest she gave it. Brilliant product, just about to re-order.

I switched to Premier Flex Plus after seeing the review in the BHS magazine showing how much stronger it is than other joint supplements - and it has MSM and Devils Claw in it too. I am really happy with it, I didn't realise how much so until I ran out and hadn't ordered another in time. After 5 days off it he was noticeably uncomfortable. I had never noticed that with other supplements. Then after 4 days of being back on it my 24 year old Thoroughbred X was as right as rain and bouncing out on rides again. I purchased the Bute Substitute as well for an extra boost when he needs it. It is also affordable. Win, win!

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