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Linseed Oil

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5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars based on 1 Review

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Size: 5L Jerrycan - £27.95

Linseed Oil description

5 Litres

A superb quality linseed oil sourced from one of the most prestigious producers in the UK. Our pure Linseed Oil is cold pressed wheras most commercial sources are hot pressed to extract as much oil as possible. Hot pressing also destroys much of the essential Omega 3 oils.

Our Linseed Oil is also produced from a gentle pressing process much like the best extra virgin olive oils people buy, therefore producing the most potent form of Omega 3 Linseed Oil on the market. Also a good source of non-heating energy.

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5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars

I started using this product and I noticed a massive difference in his skin and coat then I stopped using it and noticed his coat would be dull and mat, I would recommend this to any one who has a horse with skin problems puts all the good oils back in keeping your horse looking shiny.

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